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Anna Duval is a Paris-based interior decorator and designer with over 10 years of experience in creating turnkey projects. During her professional path, she has developed her own technology of creating a highly customised space that best meets aesthetic and functional needs of her clients.


Anna was born and educated in Russia. She graduated from the prestigious School of Interior Design “DETAILS” in Moscow. While living in Russia, Canada and France, she created multiple projects, which have been featured in such magazines as Elle Décoration, Marie Claire Maison, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful and others. 


Anna is dedicated to creating timelessly elegant interiors with a solid character uniquely tailored to each specific client. Her design philosophy features a refined use of sophisticated colours, sensual textures, classic shapes and exquisite accessories. She gives preference to natural materials, which make an interior look and feel “alive”.


In her work with clients, Anna values mutual respect, mutual trust and mutual empathy. She believes that these are the underlying conditions for effective cooperation.


We provide interior design services to residential (apartments, houses) and commercial (boutique hotels, restaurants, cafés) clients. 


We develop full-scale design projects from idea to end result. To learn more about our design process, please click here

We provide single consultations to advice about: style, colours, space layout, furniture, lighting, accents, and finishing materials.


Please contact us to inquire about the rates.


Through her work experience, Anna has developed her own technology for creating an interior space. Her design process is a set of the following steps:

1. Initial meeting aimed to define:

• project specifications
• budget
• timing


2. Developing the concept: 

• atmosphere of the space
• style
• colour scheme ​


3. Planning the space: 


• taking measurements
• planning the space
• preparing furniture and lighting layouts ​


4. Sourcing the items: 

• furniture 
• lighting 
• pieces of art and accessories
• finishing materials


5. Designing furniture pieces (where applicable) 

• preparing furniture drawings
• putting together design specifications


6. Budgeting 

• calculating the total cost of the project
• ensuring to comply with the agreed budget

7. Project visualisation 

• preparing 3D renderings 
• preparing the sample materials

8. Presenting the project to the client: 

• 3D renderings
• sample materials
• space plans, furniture and lighting layouts
• interior items that need to be purchased
• total budget

9. Possible corrections 

In case if there is something that needs to be changed, such changes will be made. Our goal is to ensure that you are happy with the result.

​​10. Project implementation

• coordinating the purchases
• supervising the work of contractors ​

11. Final touches 

• arranging pieces according to the design plan
• adding final details

"Anna was awesome to work with. Her interior design work on our apartment was completed on time and budget. She efficiently coordinated the entire project. She took our suggestions and put them into play, and provided us with feedback that made our apartment look amazing. Anna was a pleasure to work with! I wish her success in all her endeavors." ​

- Jacob Thomas​​​, January 2012

"Anna has fully designed my brand new condo. That was a challenging task to give my place an outstanding look, taking into account my love for trendy, bright and extraordinary pieces, and quite a tight budget. Anna has met my expectations, and even more. The project came out absolutely fabulous! All of my friends, who see my newly remodeled place, say it looks amazing! Especially when it comes to one-of-a-kind stylish furniture pieces that were purchased in ordinary stores and then were redesigned and redecorated by Anna! I really enjoyed Anna’s creative and at the same time rational approach to interior design, her ability to listen, understand and respond to client’s needs. This resulted in a unique design with the original findings and innovations. I highly recommend Anna as a trusted design professional, and wish her success in her future projects. Thank you so much for the professionally done work!"

- Anna Kornilova​, September 2010​

"Working with Anna was a delightful experience, she is extremely detail oriented and went above and beyond my expectations of the project. Anna was always conscious of the budget on the project and worked outside of the box to ensure the office space looked spectacular. I highly recommend Anna, but her attention to detail, hard work ethic and great eye speaks for itself."

- Ryan Harris​, August 2011​

"It was an amazing experience to work with Anna. I wanted a complete renovation and I had quite fixed - yet vague! - ideas of what I wanted for the overall design; an unusual idea, unlike anything she had worked on before. She patiently worked with me, coaxing out all the ideas, listening to all my differing and confusing thoughts, and managed to pull together an interior design that was just perfect. She completely supervised the implementation over 6 months while I was out of town, and we worked together remotely, made changes, found pieces I adored… Every single thing in my apartment was poured over and agonised over. I wasn't an easy customer to work with, and I was very insistent on so many things being included, and Anna made them all happen. She put her whole heart and soul into my project and I could not have wished for a more perfect partner in the design and renovation. I recommend Anna unreservedly."

- Andrea Agarwal, March 2022

"It was a great experience designing this apartment with Anna. She helps tremendously and is always available whenever she is needed. And the result was a beautiful interior. I recommend her highly."


- Melani Ojong, July 2022

"Great experience with Anna. She is extremely talented, with a great eye. She is exceptionally responsive and with a great eye. More than anything I am amazed by her ability to work with lots of tastes and styles. She did a great job on my Salle de Bain and WC and now I am working with her on my salon. Highly recommend!"

- Maureen Baker, July 2022


"Nous étions contents de travailler avec Anna. Elle est passionnée par son métier et très à l’écoute. Elle nous a bien aidé dans notre projet d’aménagement de notre maison."

- Nicolas Sire, May 2022

"Je recommande vivement Anna qui a été d'une grande aide dans l'aménagement de notre maison. Grace à ses conseils avisés, nous avons un intérieur harmonieux et à notre image."

- Nadia Sandjon, June 2022

"We contacted Anna to realise transformation plans for our house and its further interior decoration. What a pleasure it is to be understood, advised and guided in such manner! Aside from her professionalism and pursuit for excellence, Anna is always listening to find a beautiful, lively and practical solution. Today we live in a perfectly functional house with a decoration that resembles us. A big thank-you!"

- Sophie Bourriquet, January 2020


"We have been Anna's clients for couple of years. We invited her to help us with a very challenging project. We bought a house which was a bit too big for our imagination and at the same time there were so many restrictions, the main one is that the house is over one hundred years old. It had lots of architectural elements of the past preserved. We wanted to respect the history and at the same time add the modern touch. I love flowers and my husband loves strict lines. I love pillows and my husband wants no clutter... So you get an idea. Anna had lots of challenges and she conquered them all. She respected our feelings and listen very attentively. As a result we discovered that there are indeed the solutions both of us love. We loved the process, everything was done as professionally as it could be. Anna always kept her promises and delivered everything on time and way beyond our expectations. It was extremely helpful that not only she designed the rooms, but she also managed all ordering and made sure everything fit and looked as designed. When new project, our pool house, started we immediately called Anna because we knew that Anna would find solutions for the small and oddly-shaped space and everything would look amazing. So she did. We are very happy clients!"

- Hanna and Boris Gernega, October 2015

"Working with Anna to transform our new condo was a great experience. She designed a space that matched our taste perfectly and found some really unique pieces. I was also really impressed with how fast she completed the project and was able to do it all within our budget. Best of all, her service is turnkey - she took care of everything from beginning to end. I'd definitely hire Anna again and would recommend her to anyone looking for a really creative eye."

- Chris Herlihey, September 2014

"I worked with Anna on the renovation of the lobby in my condo. Anna completely re-designed the lobby. Starting with her first meeting with the owners’ committee tasked with the renovation she charmed us all with her ideas and her personality. She turned out to be a leader, able to provide vision and direction, able to stay the course all the way from the beginning of the project to its fruitful conclusion. And what an amazing rejuvenation our condo received! It is my distinct pleasure to write this recommendation for Anna. She is a real professional, courteous and confident. She listens, takes in all the input possible, and then she comes back with a truly impressive design! And that is just the start. Every step of the way she provides guidance, assistance, and leadership, in a calm and completely non-intrusive, but highly efficient, way. Working with Anna is an eye opening experience. She has my wholehearted endorsement."


- Alexandru Vasilescu, September 2014

"Anna turned our cookie-cutter condo into a unique, one-of-a-kind design that feels like home. From start to finish, her attention to detail, personalized service, and design expertise wowed us. Anna didn't just listen to our wish list, she took every thought, idea and concept and turned it into something above and beyond what we could ever imagine. Friends and family walk into our space and continue to be amazed with the atmosphere our home creates. We highly recommend Anna to anyone who wants to take their plain and typical downtown condo to the next level in style, personality and design."

- Lisa Hutniak and Joel Simard, August 2014

"I have had an amazing experience working with Anna in creating a unique, sophisticated townhome space. Her design surpassed anything that I had envisioned while incorporating all of my needs and desires for the project. Anna’s strength was taking the time to really listen and understand what was important to me, and then include these ideas either in design elements, textures, furniture pieces, or small detail pieces. Throughout the project Anna was always available to help with questions, sourcing, and purchasing the different elements of her design. She has created a wonderful design that has a timeless, sophisticated look yet is very comfortable because she has included all of the elements that I wanted to make it uniquely my own. Anna will take your ideas to a whole new level and give it a “WOW” factor."

- Bill Weick, May 2014

"Anna created the design of the three major rooms in our house (living room, family room and master bedroom) and provided us with recommendations for the rest of the house. She has done an excellent job. She completely understood and translated our detailed needs and stylistic preferences into a beautiful and livable space. Working with Anna was easy and pleasant. We enjoyed being a part of the creative process. We appreciate that all our questions (even insignificant ones) were patiently welcomed and professionally addressed. We highly recommend Anna as a dedicated and qualified professional!"

- Maryna and Sergei Slizheuski, September 2013



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