Profession: Interior Designer

January 5, 2016

Today I’d like to share with you why exactly I do what I do (interior design) and how I know that I am in the right place. 


No wonder that in order to create a comfortable, functional space, one needs to be really good at planning, think a few steps ahead, have well developed composition skills and a good sense of space. Right? On the other hand, an accomplished interior implies a certain ambiance, a style, a balanced combination of colours, textures, shapes and proportions, which can only be achieved as a result of an inspired, creative thinking and the work of imagination… On top of that, one needs to be a really good listener (or may I say, a psychologist) in order to truly understand what the owner of the space wants to reach in the end. It might sound immodest, but I consider these three qualities (planning skills, creativity / sense of style, and ability to listen) to be my strongest sides.


And, please forgive my naivety, but I truly believe that we could make a much better world, if every single person on Earth would specialize in what they can do the best.

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